01 Jul 2014

Metal roofs are considered a great material when it comes to protecting any structure from wind, rain, hail or fire.  Metal is not only a durable material and energy efficient, but it is virtually maintenance-free and has the ability to last 50 or more years.

Many homeowners find metal roofs to not only be durable but on trend.  There are so many colors, profiles and finishes to choose allowing it to fit modern to distressed looks and everything in between.

While the initial cost can deter businesses and homeowners in the beginning, a quality standing-seam metal roof is the least costly roof option when considering its long lasting outcome. The standing-seam metal roof consists of metal panels that run vertical and has two seams that stand up vertically and are crimped together in order to prevent water from penetrating the structure and causing damage.

Having a metal roof can also increase the cost of a home due to durability and desirability.  In today’s marketplace you can add up to $1.45 per square foot to a home’s overall value.  However, many insurance companies give up to a 35% discount to structures with metal roofs due to resistance to wind, hail and fire.  A metal roof is also energy efficient, the metal acts as a reflector to the sun and blocks the heat from warming up the structure, thus reducing your cooling bills.

If you are looking for something different and economical, then look no more, a metal roof is what you need!

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