18 Aug 2014

While there are many reasons to consider a metal roof there are also many myths that may cause you to become skeptical about purchasing a metal roof. Below you will find the truth about why these myths are not correct.

Lightening– Many people believe that if you have a metal roof, the likelihood of getting struck by lightning is greater.  While we all know from our high school science class that metal does in fact conduct electricity, electricity is not drawn to metal roofs. In fact, metal roofs are non-combustible, so they are safer than other roof types such as wood.

Noise-If I have a metal roof when it rains, it will be so loud and I will be able to hear every drop. This is also a myth because if installed correctly with proper insulation and if placed over adequate attic space, it will not be any louder than other roof types and in some instances it could even be quitter.

Hail– People believe that if it hails, that the roof will be totally damaged.  Large hailstones can dent a metal roof; however normal size will not affect the roof.  Even though you may have small dents with large hailstones, it will not cause damage and leaking, and if your metal roof is textured it will show even less dent damage.

Cold Winters– It is a myth that if you have a metal roof in the winter that it will make your house even colder. This is false because having a metal roof has no effect on temperature if your attic is properly vented. The insulation on top or below an attic is what can affect temperature.

Now that you know these myths are incorrect, you can move forward with a metal roof. They are trendy and efficient and you will not be disappointed!

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